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Helen Harley, Karen James, Brenda Farnsley, Tina Bouvier, Jonie Flick, Starr Grate, Stacey Miles, Susie Keeler...all of which were smart enough to want nothing to do with me.
Posted: 01/23/2010
Lisa Stoops, her dad was my grade school principal, I should have been a better kid when I was little!
Helen Nightengale, I still love her!
Lani Schladand, boy did I mess that up! I wish I could talk to her now!
Posted: 10/23/2010
Lodi Christiansen and Lori Pennington were so pretty that I
always tried to refrain from doing anything socialy unacceptable when they were near!
Posted: 10/26/2010
Sherri Sluder was such a Babe, I would low crawl through 2miles of broken glass, just to let her kick me in the face!
Sherri, if you see this contact me at;
Lets talk!
Posted: 10/26/2010
Amy Newbanks was extremely hot! She kinda reminded me of my Mom as well. I don't believe I have any sort of quasi-Oedipus complex...
Posted: 10/27/2010
Lani, you were so beautiful and I was so stupid.
I didn't grow up till I was 33.
If you see this call me at
Posted: 10/28/2010

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